Other Faiths and Cults

Ilmater: Flagellants make up the clergy and devout worshipers of Ilmater. He is often called on by the critically injured on the battlefield and those dying in their beds. Very few true clerics who use their magics extremely sparingly.
Boccob: Patron of wizards but with little to no clergy. Mages worship him but without temples or communal rituals. Most wizarding workshops will have small shrines to the Archmage.
Gond: God of industry and innovation. Embraced by the gnomes who have established temples and clergy in his name. Few humans outside of craftsmen truly worship him which is done in the form of simple prayers of success and blessings over finished creations.

Trade and Travel
Waukeen: Goddess of commerce and fair trade.
Fharlanghn: Patron of explorers, travelers, and navigators. Fharlanghn is often called upon by those who are traveling unfamiliar paths or are traveling alone, not because they believe Fharlanghn will offer them protection, but simply allow them to take the swiftest safest route.

Nature and Natural Phenomenon
Chauntea: Goddess of bountiful harvest and healthy births. Her faith was never formalized and is currently on the decline. There are some isolated, rustic, villages that still worship her exclusively.
Obad-Hai: Actually a druidic word roughly translating as “the impersonal force of growth, death, survival and culling.” Obad-Hai is the nature entity that druids worship. Civilized folk do not and cannot worship because of their reliance on culture. Nevertheless, the Green Man is a reoccurring theme in art in nearly every surface culture.
Silvanus: The Treefather is the general nature god of Eureïos. Originally an Elven deity of hidden groves and druid circles, he has been adopted into the larger Eureïan pantheon as a friendly god of nature.
Talos: God of thunder, storms, and earthquakes. A destructive god who is given offerings to appease rather than to praise.
Umberlee: The Bitch Queen and feared goddess of the sea and waves. It is out of fear of her that most trade in Eureïos is done overland.

Religion in Eureïos

Other Faiths and Cults

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